#Netflix 爱情跑调 Fuimos canciones (2021) 1080P 官方中字

导演: 胡安娜·马西亚斯
编剧: Elísabet Benavent / Laura Sarmiento Pallarés
主演: 玛利亚·瓦沃德 / 亚历克斯·冈萨雷斯 / 卡洛·科斯坦齐亚 / 苏珊娜·阿巴图纳·戈麦斯 / Eva Ugarte / 更多...
类型: 剧情 / 喜剧 / 爱情 / 音乐
制片国家/地区: 西班牙
语言: 西班牙语
上映日期: 2021-09-29(西班牙)
又名: We Were Songs / Sounds Like Love
剧情简介: Maca (María Valverde), 30 years old and clumsy by nature, makes the most of life and strives to be happy. Maca's talent is wasted working as an assistant for an oppressive and terrifying fashion influencer and she spends her time with guys with whom she never manages to establish an emotional bond. Together with Jimena (Elísabet Casanovas) and Adriana (Susana Abaitúa), her two unique and lovable friends who are always ready to do whatever it takes to make their problems not seem so bad, Maca has managed to make Madrid a city where everything is possible. Everything seems to be going well until he-who-must-not-be-named comes back into her life. Leo (Alex González), the love and biggest mistake of her life, the man who tore her heart apart, obliterated her self-esteem and her faith in men, comes back into her life to turn everything upside down. Maca has tried to forget him, but now she has to accept that he has returned and face the emotions she has locked away to deal with the unforgettable memory of what could have been and never was. Old wounds are reopened and Maca will have to be brave and confront her conflicts, fears and insecurities in order to finally take control of her life.