Telegram 更新了第三方应用程序获取登录验证码的方式

在2月18日之后,登录Telegram第三方客户端,以及官方PC端和Web端,均不能再通过短信来获取验证码,只能通过Telegram Bot获取验证码。官方的移动客户端仍可以通过短信验证码登录。


Telegram API Update. Hello [REDACTED]. Thank you for contributing to the open Telegram ecosystem by developing your app, [REDACTED].

Please note that due to recent updates to Telegram's handling of SMS and the integration of new SMS providers like Firebase, we are changing the way login codes are handled in third-party apps based on the Telegram API.

Starting on 18.02.2023, users logging into third-party apps will only be able to receive login codes via Telegram. It will no longer be possible to request an SMS to log into your app – just like when logging into Telegram's own desktop and web clients.

Exactly like with the Telegram Desktop and Web apps, if a user doesn’t have a Telegram account yet, they will need to create one first using an official mobile Telegram app.

We kindly ask you to update your app’s login and signup interfaces to reflect these changes before they go live on 18.02.2023 at 13:00 UTC.

This change will not significantly affect users since, according to our research, the vast majority of third-party app users also use official Telegram apps. In the coming months, we expect to offer new tools for third-party developers that will help streamline the login process.

Forwarded from the Telegram Notification account, +42777.